The Sandwich Stoppes Here!!!

Sandwiches and sarcasm. What a delicious dish! Welcome to The Sandwich Stoppe Blog.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Welcome to The Sandwich Stoppe's Official Blog

Welcome family and friends alike.  As most of you know we purchased The Sandwich Stoppe over 4 months ago.  It has proven to be more of a challenge than we initially considered it to be but a million times more fun than we ever anticipated.  In a word or few, WE LOVE IT!

We love to feed people and we love to see them leave satisfied.  We started this blog to more easily connect with our customers and fans of good American fare in general.  This blog will keep everyone up to date on special events and deals we are offering day to day.

We also have so many new and exciting changes to the menu and new items that will have to be tasted to be believed.  In 2010, be looking out for the opportunity to create your very own sandwich and have it named after you (ask for details) with the new and top secret "Grilled 50" menu.

Also new in 2010, "The Junkyard" Eating Challenge that will have even the manliest appetite whimpering like a little girl.  Until you actually witness it in person, here is a sample of the prototype of "The Junkyard":

The prototype of this manly burger included the following: 2 - 1/4 lb 100% Angus Beef patties, 2 slices of American cheese, 2 slices of provolone cheese, ham, roast beef, bacon, pastrami, onion rings, guacamole, grilled onions, chicken strips, mozzarella sticks, 1 fried egg, lettuce, onion and tomato all on a sesame seed bun.  It has since been upgraded to include 2 fried eggs and is served on grilled sourdough and served in 2 halves for easier consumption.

"The Junkyard" Eating Challenge requires that a willing participant , without assistance, consume 2 entire Junkyard Burgers, a basket of fries, a 32 oz drink and 2 of our homemade cookies in 60 minutes or less!  Upon successfully completing the challenge, the participant will receive an official 'The Sandwich Stoppe', "I'm a Junkyard Dog" t-shirt. If they can't hang, they will receive a to-go box and a pat on the back and we will probably make fun of you after you leave.

Stay tuned for more updates on The Sandwich Stoppe and remember; when it comes to sandwiches made right, The Sandwich Stoppes Here!